Dem Gov: The Internet Made Me Post Risque Pic

Deleware Gov. Jack Markell tweeted a photo of a woman in bondage gear and quickly deleted it.

He then issued an apology tweet in which he misspelled inadvertently.

Good apology so far! Then his office issued a nonsense statement that basically says “The Internet Made Me Do It!”

“During this morning’s event, a tweet was composed with a link to what was supposed to be a picture that had just been uploaded to the internet of the Governor’s education announcement. While the tweet was being edited, the auto-generated link for the picture was inadvertently altered. As a result, the picture linked to the tweet was a random, unrelated, and inappropriate picture that has been on the internet since 2010, and not the just-uploaded picture of the event. The tweet was deleted and we apologize for the error.”

Buzzfeed reports they’re “still trying to figure out exactly what that means.”