Hillary Clinton’s “Reformer” Used Chemical Weapons…Again

In a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that Assad had violated the chemical weapons convention with his use of chlorine gas.

While Clinton has hamhandedly tried to distance herself from Obama’s disastrous Syria policy as she lays the groundwork for a presidential campaign, she supported him repeatedly in the months following her departure from Foggy Bottom.

When Obama originally accepted the chemical weapons deal in September, Clinton supported him. In her book, Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton once again came out in support of the agreement saying it “has held.”

All this came after Obama had drawn a red line in Syria at the use of chemical weapons. Clinton backed his red line.

It’s one thing to support a president with record low ratings on foreign policy, but trusting Syrian President Assad to end the use of chemical weapons is another.

To most people, it’s no surprise Assad is not the “reformer” Clinton once said he was.