Clinton Initiative Has Aide That Follows Reporters To Bathroom


During the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, it seems the organization has tasked an aide with the duty (pun intended) of following reporters to the bathroom. As Amy Chozick writes in the New York Times:

“But, for me, perhaps the person who stands out is the friendly 20-something press aide who the Clinton Global Initiative tasked with escorting me to the restroom. She waited outside the stall in the ladies’ room at the Sheraton Hotel, where the conference is held each year.”

The Clinton Global Initiative also keeps the press in the basement and away from guests of the event:

“Security, foundation aides told me, dictates that the hordes of journalists, many of them from overseas news outlets, be cloistered in a basement at the Sheraton. An elaborate maze of security barricades separates where reporters enter and roam (though not freely) from the lobby of the hotel, where actual guests enter.”

For those who might not remember, the Clintons have a history of treating press strangely. In 2008, Hillary Clinton’s campaign let the media set up urinal-adjacent in the men’s room.