Braley Neighbor Voting For Joni Ernst


The chicken story Bruce Braley just can’t kill got a new wrinkle today when Breitbart News reported Braley neighbor Pauline Hampton announced she would be voting for Braley’s opponent, Joni Ernst. Pauline is a lifelong Dem who hasn’t voted for a Republican in decades.

Last summer, it was reported that Braley threatened to sue his neighborhood home owners association because his vacation home neighbor allowed her chickens to roam free. That freedom included sauntering into Braley’s yard, which prompted Braley to consider legal action.

Ironically it was Braley who brought the chicken topic into the race with his “Chick” ad that nearly everyone in the civilized world panned as sexist. Then in July, news broke about Braley’s threatened lawsuit, and he hasn’t been able to let it go since.