Bloomberg as God? Really?

Nanny Bloomberg himself might think he can walk into heaven without being interviewed by St. Peter, but his employees are apparently even more invested in the cult of Mike.

After years of saying that he would not return to the company he founded full time, Bloomberg went back to Bloomberg L.P part-time in the spring while focusing on his philanthropy and on trying (and failing) to “outmuscle” the NRA.

Since it turns out that writing checks and losing elections doesn’t take as much time as he thought it would, now The New York Times is reporting Bloomberg is returning to lead the company that he founded.

Bloomberg all but forced out his former deputy mayor Dan Doctoroff, but even he apparently still thinks pretty highly of Mike:

With a wry smile and a laugh, Mr. Doctoroff said: “Mike is kind of like God at the company. He created the universe. He issued the Ten Commandments and then he disappeared. And then he came back. You have to understand that when God comes back, things are going to be different. When God reappeared, people defer.”

Bloomberg’s ego might need soothing after his electoral losses, but this is going a little too far.