The 3 Worst Moments For Bruce Braley During The Iowa Senate Debate

During tonight’s Iowa Senate debate, Braley took a drubbing from his Republican opponent, Joni Ernst. Here are the top 3 worst moments for Bruce Braley:


1. Braley is left speechless after Ernst asks him how they can expect him to walk across the aisle if he can’t walk across his yard to settle a neighborly dispute:

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2. At another point in the debate, Braley brings up the Koch brothers and the audience groans. Later in that exchange, Braley needs a reminder that he’s running against a mother, a solider, and an independent leader:

3. Toward the end of the debate, during a rapid-fire question and answer session, Braley said the first person he would ask for advice is “Chuck Grassley.” The audience could not contain their laughter:

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After the debate, Braley avoided the media. Now you know why.