VIDEO: Debate Forces Alaska Dem To Own ObamaCare, Ineffectiveness

It was a wild night in the Last Frontier last night. Obama rubber stamp Mark Begich joined Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan in the first general election debate of the cycle.

The debate was revealing for a few reasons. During the “ask your opponent” portion of the debate, Begich was asked if he would vote for ObamaCare again if he had the chance. During his answer, Begich claimed he read the entire ObamaCare bill (oops!) and even indicated he would vote for it again. Watch here:

Then later, Begich was pressed about how ineffective he’s been in the past 6 years. Begich proved it’s awfully hard to grandstand when your so-called accomplishments are as paper thin as his. Begich said he sponsored 2 bills that become law. Watch here:

Actually, according to the official site for Congress, Begich has only had one bill he sponsored signed into law. It’s important to note that one of Begich’s bills was renaming a post office in Anchorage. Great work, Mark.