South Dakota Dem Struck With DC Amnesia

During the Dakotafest Senate Candidate Forum Rick Weiland told South Dakotans he’s never been to Washington. But that claim just doesn’t stand up to the facts.

The truth is Weiland started his career back in 1986 serving as senior aide to Senator Daschle on Capitol Hill. From 2003 to 2012 Weiland continued to be a creature of D.C. as leader of the International Code Council.

In fact, Weiland bragged about the ICC office’s proximity to the Capitol Building:

“‘Our new world headquarters will be just two blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building,’ said Code Council CEO Rick Weiland.”

How can Rick Weiland expect South Dakotans to trust him with their tax dollars when he can’t even keep track of his own resume? No wonder Harry Reid thinks he has no shot.