Riding Dirty: MA Dem Rides Segway To Opponent’s Home And Lays Down Challenge

Massachusetts State Rep. Brian Mannal (D-Barnstable) went to his opponent’s house on a day of canvassing hoping to exchange phone numbers. Or at least that’s what he told the Cape Cod Times:

Hoping to exchange cellphone numbers and confirm his GOP challenger’s interest in a debate, Mannal says, he and his wife put their electric Segway-like scooters in the trunk and paid Chaprales a visit.

From there, things went south. His opponent Adam Chaprales, found the visit so disturbing he filed a written statement with the police, which has not been released, and spoke to WXTK reporter Matt Pitta:

“Representative Mannal demeaned my candidacy against him and launched an unprovoked tirade of insults and derogatory comments towards me. He also personally threatened me, saying he would make my life miserable for me and my family. And he said he’s good at doing that. I found the incident to be disturbing and I immediately reported it to the police.”

Rep. Mannal, a former defense attorney, has spent his time in the legislature fighting tirelessly for …. sex offenders! He would like to loosen their registration requirements and get rid of electronic GPS bracelets for convicted offenders on parole or probation.