7 Ways Rahall Laid Down For Obama’s EPA

In his latest campaign ad, Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) claims he’s “standing up to the Obama EPA.” However, Rahall’s record tells a different story. Here are 7 ways Rahall has laid down for Obama’s EPA.

1) In his stunningly bad judgment, Rahall endorsed Obama in 2008 because he thought Obama was pro-coal:

2) Rahall went all-in for Obama, calling Obama “an agent for true change” who would “provide progress and prosperity for all Americans, including hard- working West Virginians”

3) Rahall accepted Obama’s thanks for being a “wonderful” supporter:

4) Rahall and Obama were so attached at the hip they played pool together:

5) Rahall returned Obama’s friendship by supporting cap-and-trade, saying scheme would be “good for us in the coal fields”:

6) Rahall voted for a carbon tax.

7) Rahall attended a special ceremony at the Washington headquarters for Obama’s EPA.