NY Congressman Bills Taxpayers For Wedding Tank

Maloney Tank

Last month Sean Patrick Maloney had an extravagant wedding that was well documented by a drone. Perhaps the most extravagant part of all was the security detail, which included: U.S. Capitol Hill Police, New York State Police, Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, and Cold Spring Police. All of this security forced drivers to find another way to get in and out of town. Unfortunately for Putnam County taxpayers, it gets worse. As The Putnam County News and Recorder notes, the taxpayers got stuck with the bill

“Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney’s wedding earlier this month in Cold Spring cost Putnam taxpayers $7,500. The Putnam Legislature’s Audit Committee heard a report on the cost of providing security for the affair from Undersheriff Peter Convery Monday night.”

And just take a look at the kind of security detail at this wedding: THERE’S A TANK!