New Video: Bruce Braley, “I Feel Pretty”

A man of Bruce Braley’s “impressive pedigree” has to look good on camera – even when he’s joining the commoners on the farm. Luckily, America Rising was there to capture Braley’s farm-side prep session for a new web video released today. The video includes pancake make-up application, complete with a staffer trying half-heartedly to block the painstaking work from camera view.

If this is beginning to sound like political dejavu, that’s because it was revealed in 2007 that John Edwards, Esq. paid $400 for a haircut, and in 2012, footage was released of him doing similar “prep” before a TV hit.

The similarities should be no surprise—both Braley said that his fellow trial lawyer inspired him to get into politics. At his endorsement speech in 2007, Braley said:

“John Edwards went to law school. I went to law school. He’s practice law for 20 years. I’ve spent 24 years of my life law. … So as you can see we have nothing in common.”


I feel pretty…