New Hampshire Senator Blasted For VA Inaction

Jeanne Shaheen is playing politics with New Hampshire’s veterans.

In an op-ed in the Union-Leader written by Pete Hegseth of Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), Hegseth takes Shaheen to task for ignoring veterans issues before national attention was focused on the VA over the mistreatment of our veterans.

Hegseth writes:

When veterans needed Shaheen the most — before the bright lights exposed the VA scandal — she was missing in action. More significantly than not meeting with us, Shaheen ignored our repeated and good faith efforts both in Washington, D.C., and through our active veterans network in New Hampshire, to co-sponsor the VA accountability legislation.Soon thereafter, stymied by a lack of Senate support, we took our argument to the public. CVA ran an extensive public awareness campaign, which included television ads in New Hampshire and other states, in an effort to encourage Shaheen and other fence-sitters to co-sponsor the bill.

Suddenly, the senator was open to reform. The minute our TV ads appeared on New Hampshire airwaves, and her indifference to VA accountability was exposed in the light of day, Shaheen’s staff called us in a panic. Less than 24 hours later she was a co-sponsor of the bill. In good faith, and with our mission accomplished, we immediately pulled down the TV ads in New Hampshire.

Contrast Shaheen’s actions with New Hampshire’s other senator, Kelly Ayotte, who opened her office to the Concerned Veterans of America and was an early sponsor of the legislation to protect veterans.

Meanwhile, Jeanne Shaheen wasn’t there for our veterans when they needed her most.