Michelle Nunn Refuses To Admit That She Supports Harry Reid For Majority Leader

Like a truly struggling candidate, Michelle Nunn offered nothing but divisive, partisan, and negative attacks at her Republican opponent during today’s Georgia Senate forum.

Afterwards, Nunn continued her plan to mislead voters and dodged whether she would vote for Harry Reid as Majority Leader.

NUNN: “I will vote for the leader that I believe best represents, the Democratic leader that best represents our capacity to get things done and to move things forward.”

Harry Reid seems to know that he has Nunn’s support. Reid talked to Nunn the day before her Senate announcement and said that she was “really good.”

Reid was even impressed with Nunn’s campaign to fool Georgia’s voters into thinking she was a moderate, saying that she was “running extremely well.”

It appears that Reid must have gotten an advanced copy of Nunn’s leaked strategy memo.