Iowa Democrat Hates Chickens That Help Kids

Turns out the chickens the fowl-adverse Braleys’ spent this spring chasing off their lawn weren’t just any chickens. They’re chickens that children dealing with abuse, autism or social disorders use in therapy sessions, Yahoo! News reported.

The owner of the chickens and Air Force veteran, Pauline Hampton said animal therapy helps the children communicate:

“Chickens are nonjudgmental, and they’re not big scary adults like everyone else is in their life. They tell their secrets to them. Before you know it,then they’re really starting to make some improvements with how they communicate.”

The Braleys’ complaint won’t stop Hampton from keeping the kids’ chickens. According to the write-up:

“Hampton said she plans to continue her work with the children and with the chickens.

She even lets them out of the pen still.

But only when the Braleys aren’t home.”