Grimes Family Restaurant Makes Terrible, Sexist ‘Ass’ And ‘Rack’ Puns

Remember that time you started a restaurant and named a dish after your wife’s “rack?” Or your daughter’s “Hugh Jass” (Get it? You get it.)

No, not ringing any bells? Well in some nightmarish game of Mad Gab gone wrong, Jerry Lundergan—Alison Lundergan Grimes’ father—opened a restaurant in Lexington and did all of those things!

“Charlotte’s Rack” is named after Grimes’ mother, while “Abby’s Hugh Jass” is named for Grimes’ sister.

Don’t worry though—for the modest out there, you can also order “The Tiny Tush,” which apparently is “6 ounces of juicy deliciousness.”

Turns out the Grimes family restaurant isn’t sending out a message of women’s empowerment.