Grimes Bus Disaster Continues, Operates Illegally In State

In some ways, it seems the Alison Lundergan Grimes campaign is leasing the bus from the 1994 Keanu Reeves blockbuster “Speed,” because this story is a disaster.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported this morning that Grimes’ father, Jerry Lundergan, and his fly-by-night bus company do not have the proper permits to operate a charter bus. Impossible to say for sure, but the internal conversation at Lundergan Global HQ probably went something like this: “We needed a permit for this!?!”

We can’t know their exact response because the Lundergans and the Grimes campaign went into full shutdown mode when the press came calling about the permit issue:

Abby Lundergan Dobson, vice president of The Lundergan Group, didn’t return requests for comment left on her office voicemail, on her father Jerry Lundergan’s cell phone, or private messages left on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Maybe skipping permits is how Jerry Lundergan was able to lease the bus to his daughter’s campaign for drastically less than fair market value?