Not Even Scandal-Plagued Jon Corzine Is Too Sleazy For The Clintons To Cash In On

Just like the Clintons, Ready For Hillary will take money from anyone. On August 22nd, the group will hold a fundraiser co-hosted by disgraced former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.

After being booted out of the Governor’s Office by Chris Christie in 2009, Corzine started the brokerage firm MF Global that lost $1.7 billion in customer funds and wreaked havoc on farmers in the heartland of America after going bankrupt in 2011 for making “disturbing” and “risky” bets on European debt. MF Global was investigated by the FBI, a bi-partisan Congress and Jon Corzine was personally sued by U.S. regulators. Corzine’s money is so toxic that in 2011, President Obama returned over $70,000 in Corzine’s money. But that won’t stop the Clintons and their allies from cashing in.

Corzine has a long history of paying for Clinton influence – attending a controversial White House Coffee in the 1990s, being one of the first to endorse Hillary in 2007 and paying the Clinton-world consulting firm Teneo hundreds of thousands of dollars per month for consulting services at MF Global while Bill was on the payroll. Given the Clinton’s track record of skirting ethical lines, it should come as no surprise Corzine is now immersing himself with Ready For Hillary!