Who Flew It Better: Mitt vs. Hillary Edition

Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton: two households both alike in dignity. Both wealthy and politically connected, only one flies coach and poses for pictures with smiling fans. The other has demands in their contract demanding they stay in the presidential suite and be flown around in a private jet – nothing less than a Gulfstream G450. Care to guess which one is which?

It was recently reported that Hillary Clinton’s contract requirements to give a speech usually include that the host put Hillary up in a presidential suite, pay for her travel in a private jet, and pay for Hillary’s entourage.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, who was labeled out-of touch by the media and Democrats during his presidential campaign, suffers through the invasive TSA checkpoints and delayed flights like the average American. Yet, Mitt still takes pictures with fans at the airport. Want a picture with Hillary? Sorry, her contract mandates no photos be made public.