Hillary Clinton Billed Taxpayers $55,000 For Book Tour While She Earned Millions

As Hillary Clinton toured Europe to promote her book Hard Choices, the U.S. government spent more than $55,000 on Clinton’s European book tour. A recent report by the Daily Mail details the luxury hotels that Clinton’s entourage stayed at in the cosmopolitan capitals of Europe, like Paris and Berlin.

The Daily Mail writes that:

The expenses included a $3,668 charge for a single night’s lodging in a suite at the posh Four Seasons George V hotel in Paris for her.

That rate corresponds to the cost of a suite with a ‘large and superbly appointed marble bathroom,’ a ‘deep soaking tub,’ ‘sparkling chandeliers’ and ‘elegant period furniture,’ according to the Four Seasons website.

Purchase orders also show that taxpayers footed the bill for a $5,100 rental of three Mercedes-Benz executive limousine vans during a single day in Berlin. …

The Department of Homeland Security paid for the van rentals in Berlin, billing the cost to its Office of Inspector General (OIG) – which normally has control over investigators, not bodyguards.

‘I don’t understand that,’ Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told MailOnline.

He said that sometimes the State Department arranges for foreign travel for dignitaries who get Secret Service protection.

Clinton was not traveling in Europe on official government business, but instead to promote her book Hard ChoicesBloomberg News estimates that Clinton was paid $6 million for her book.

The Daily Mail quotes America Rising’s Executive Director, Tim Miller, as saying, “Hillary’s book tour through Europe was a fiscal double whammy – lining her pockets with outrageous speaking fees and billing the taxpayers for thousands in travel.”