FLASHBACK: Bustos: I “Don’t Deserve A Second Term” If I Can’t End Gridlock

During the 2012 campaign, Cheri Bustos said she doesn’t “deserve a second term” if she couldn’t end congressional gridlock.


Reporter: “You know, you mentioned the gridlock. Going in and obviously, really, how, is it as easy as what it may seem? You talk about the gridlock and as far as getting rid of that and working with others, how do you plan to do that more specifically?”

Bustos: “I can tell you this, that the people who live in this region are sick and tired of how Congress has behaved. This is the most dysfunctional session of Congress in history. They have a single digit approval rating. And so the people are crying out for change. And beyond the 17th congressional district, the American public is crying out for it. So I think that if we don’t change that, there’s a, I can tell you if I’m elected and I don’t play a part in solving this, then I don’t deserve a second term. I’ve already said I’m going to reach out to every new freshman member. I’m going to reach across to Aaron Schock, if he’s reelected, I’ll make sure I work closely with him and we’re going to do the best we can do for the state of Illinois.”