The 7 Craziest Things On Democrat Senate Nominee in Montana’s Facebook Page

Great pick for U.S. Senate, Montana Democrats!

1. That time Curtis posted a picture with Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, former head of the American Communist Party, and wished her a happy birthday!

amanda_curtis_gurley_flynn curtis13

2. When she explained how a liberal comedian’s take on Jesus summed up her “frustration with the Montana Legislature”…?


3. Whatever this is


4. Curtis decked out as an anarchist goth.

amandacurtis5 amandacurtis6

5. This…


6. Her selfie with the plagiarist she replaced. (Lookin’ good, John!)

7. The “Today In Labor History” posts she and her husband seem to like to do… a lot.

curtis16 curtis17

Like a LOT.

curtis18 curtis19