Walsh Supporter Takes Out Bad Week On Tracker

Last week, the New York Times revealed John Walsh plagiarized his War College thesis.

Letting out their frustrations at a fundraiser this weekend, Walsh supporters chatting with the Senator had a choice gesture for a video tracker at Saturday’s event in Helena.

The plagiarism revelation created a media firestorm that ultimately has resulted in Montanans calling on Walsh to “do the right thing” and resign. George Ochenski in the Missoulian writes:

In the end, the honorable thing for Walsh to do would be to admit the plagiarism, resign and allow another candidate to replace him on the November ballot. Should he fail to do so, Walsh and the Democratic Party will likely be beaten for cheatin’.

Trust us Senator, this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten the bird from a Democrat campaign. But then again, we know you like to copy others.