Top 8 Most Embarrassing Things From Michelle Nunn’s Leaked Memo

The National Review scooped Michelle Nunn’s internal campaign memo. Here are our top 8 embarrassing things from the memo:

1. Nunn was trying to determine whether or not she should develop a position on ObamaCare. Hint: She still hasn’t. Nunn 1 2. Nunn plans to rollout a gun owners’ policy in September or October with the primary target being the “press.” Nunn 2 3. Nunn’s memo is full of self-vetting vulnerabilities including giving service awards to “terrorists” with ties to Hamas and “inmates.” Nunn 3 4. Nunn ranked rural issues as the least important (#22!) in her policy positions but said she should appear in “rural settings” to appeal to those voters. Authentic. Nunn 4 5. Nunn’s campaign stereotypes Jews as a “financial opportunity” and Asians as “very tight.” Yet her position on Israel is still “TBD.” Nunn 5 6. Nunn plans to raise more money out of state ($3.8 million) than from Georgians ($3 million). Nunn 6 7. The DSCC ranked Nunn’s campaign as their 11th priority, behind Udall, Merkley, and Franken. Nunn 7 8. Nunn does not plan to vet donors. (That must explain fundraising with an ex-felon). Nunn 8