What A Surprise! Nevadans Agree It’s Unfair That Hillary Gets Paid $225,000+ Per $peech

A new poll conducted by WPA Research found that 55 percent of likely Nevada voters think that Hillary getting paid $225,000+ to give $peeches is “unfair.” This figure nearly doubles the number of people (29 percent) who feel that the honorarium is “fair.” It’s no wonder Nevadans feel this way when things are put in perspective. In just ONE HOUR, Hillary is getting paid more than what the average Nevadan gets paid ($27,003 in 2012 per capita income) in EIGHT YEARS. At the same time, Clinton is robbing the University of Nevada while the University is raising tuition by nearly twenty percent this upcoming year. As Hillary continues to fly around the country on her private jet under the guise that she is on a “book tour,” Americans are beginning to realize just how out-of-touch she really is. duh