Rhode Island Dem Chair’s Concession Stand Fiasco


Getcha popcorn here, folks!

The chairman of the Rhode Island Democrat Party, David Caprio, abruptly resigned from his position yesterday after it was revealed state police are investigating a contract awarded to him for beach concession stands.

The Providence Journal notes that Caprio may have been in cahoots with another Rhode Island Dem to game the system:

According to the report, Rep. Peter Palumbo, D-Cranston, won the contract but then backed out, prompting the state to award the contract to Caprio. After Caprio won the contract, he chose Palumbo to manage all of the stands. Palumbo told NBC 10 that he and Caprio are friends.

The report says the state awards the contract to the bidder who commits to paying the highest price to run the concession stands. That was Palumbo, who bid $1,776,655 for a five-year contract, according to copies of the bids. Caprio, meanwhile, bid $1,550,015 for the contract.

Don’t worry though, Caprio’s brother (also a Rhode Island Dem state rep), issued a very nice statement that completely overlooks the brewing scandal:

“It doesn’t surprise me that my brother would place first the future success of the Democratic Party candidates. David is kind, intelligent and hard working — I’m confident he will continue to be very giving and successful,” Frank Caprio said.

Caprio’s too nice to do anything like this! There’s some pretzel logic for ya.