O’Malley Falls Asleep On The Job

Yesterday, the Daily Record noticed Martin O’Malley fall asleep during a Public Works meeting. His constituents were unimpressed.

“Tracey Eno, a resident of Lusby and opponent of the facility, was irked by the governor nodding off during the meeting. ‘I’ve been asking for a meeting with the governor for months,’ Eno said. ‘In lieu of that, I was given a meeting with his energy director. Finally I got the chance to look him in the eye. As I patiently explained to him why we were opposed to this, his eyelids dropped and he fell asleep. I don’t feel like he heard our message.’”

O’Malley’s frequent trips to Iowa are likely taking a toll on his sleep as the 2016 Presidential contender tries to improve his lousy poll numbers. Just a word of advice to the Governor – Democratic primary voters generally like their candidates to be awake.