Obama’s PAC Has Such Little Support It Will Probably Die


Back in May, the Washington Post legitimately asked how long the Obama PAC “Organizing For Action” (OFA) could survive before dying a quiet, lonely death.

OFA took issue with this and began bombarding Post reporters with emails. Philip Bump writes:

So, we decided to look at what the group’s executive director, Jon Carson, was sending us. To catalog it. To do exactly what Carson apparently intended: Evaluate their work.

In short, we were not terribly impressed.

Ouch. The Post categorized the emails into seven main groups and determined:

By the most important metric, the group is largely ineffective. Of the priorities above — which, according to the group’s mandate, are meant to bolster federal efforts — none has seen national legislative action.

From there, Bump suggests, “Let’s go through them one by one.” What follows is a methodical dissection of a grassroots cadaver. Happy reading!