Nunn Releases Partial Tax Returns; Paid Only 13.6% In Income Tax Last Year


UPDATE: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last week that in 2010, Nunn and her husband paid a tax rate of 13.2 percent. That’s even lower than the already-low 13.6 percent she reported paying in 2013.

The Associated Press reported this morning that Michelle Nunn finally released her tax returns. While the Republican candidates for Senate in Georgia released 5 and 10 years of their full returns, Nunn only felt it necessary to release the first two pages of each year’s returns from 2009 to 2013. Because, transparency!

She also timed the release to coincide with the 4th of July holiday in the hopes that no one would notice. Oops!

Sounds like someone with something to hide…

The returns reveal that last year, Nunn and her husband only paid an effective tax rate of 13.6 percent. This is the same Nunn whose campaign website laments the fact that tax loopholes are allowing folks a way around paying their fair share. Nunn’s site states:

I believe Georgia families are paying too much in taxes. Our tax code is too complicated and there are too many loopholes carved out for special interests that allow those who can afford high-priced accountants to get away without paying their fair share.

In a financial disclosure filed with the Senate, Nunn and her husband listed assets valued between $1.2 million and $3 million. Apparently Nunn was talking about herself when she mentioned “those who can afford high-priced accountants to get away without paying their fair share.”