Mr. Begich’s Make-Believe TV Ad

So, about that “lifelong Republican” ad that Mark Begich’s campaign began airing this week…

The Alaska Dispatch News reports the man who says in the ad “I’ve been a lifelong Republican” has actually never registered as a Republican in Alaska.

The man, Skip Nelson, also claims to have voted for Lisa Murkowski, but the Dispatch News points out that state records show Nelson did not vote in 2010, the last year Murkowski was on the ballot.

When pressed, Nelson said, “I thought I did vote for her.”

Did he vote for her in 2004? Who knows, and the Begich campaign surely doesn’t care. They’re eager to portray Begich as a Senator who votes with Murkowski “as much as 80 percent of the time.” That, of course, is a farce. Since entering the Senate in 2009, Begich and Murkowski vote together “60 percent of the time,” according to the Dispatch News. He has voted at least 93% of the time with President Obama.

But who needs facts when the make-believe story is so compelling?