MI Dem Helped Outsourcing Solar Company Get Millions In Tax Breaks

Joker Burning Money

Gary Peters, a Michigan Democrat known for investing in a company that has moved overseas to avoid paying taxes, is in hot water again. The Washington Examiner reports that Peters helped a solar company (Solyndra, anyone?) get millions in earmarks and tax breaks, because, free markets! The Examiner reports:

In 2009, Peters, the presumptive Democratic nominee, worked with fellow Michiganders Sen. Carl Levin and Rep. Mark Schauer to secure a $1.2 million earmark for United Solar Ovonic, a now-bankrupt solar panel manufacturer. Peters also supported the company’s successful efforts to secure a $13.3 million tax credit from the stimulus program.

If that wasn’t bad enough, United Solar Ovonic’s parent company reduced its jobs in the U.S. and increased its production in Mexico.

The unemployment rate in Michigan is already above the national average. Gary Peters’ plan seems to be: let’s see how high it can go while throwing millions at failing solar energy companies. No thanks, Gary!