Georgia Editorial Rips Campaign Over “Telling” Memo

Burn “Disastrous,” “jarring,” “unsettling,” and “telling.” These are just a few of the adjectives The Augusta Chronicle’s editorial board used to describe Michelle Nunn’s leaked campaign memo.The Georgia paper brutally criticized the Nunn campaign for the “stark revelations” that “looks hard to repair.”

It’s jarring to see the inner workings of this political campaign – with people of different races, religions and sexual orientations treated as faceless demographics to be quantified and curried to. With this campaign plan made public, Republicans essentially have the other team’s playbook – a primer written by the opposition on how to write and prepare every Perdue campaign ad leading up to Election Day.

The internal documents, unsettling at times in their sheer frankness, were created for Nunn’s senior advisers by a group of Democratic consultants, pollsters and strategists seeking to broaden her appeal outside of metro Atlanta – the Georgia they describe as “more traditional, rural and Southern.”