Democrat Senator Lies To Tornado Victim To Produce Attack Ad

Pryor Arkansas Comes FirstYesterday, The Associated Press reported that Mark Pryor (D-AR) lied to a tornado victim to gain access to his property to shoot an attack ad against Tom Cotton. The tornado victim said that he was under the impression that the footage of the damage on his property was going to be used to draw attention to cleanup efforts, not a political attack ad:

Boydston said he had agreed to allow Pryor’s campaign to shoot video on the property last month, but said he was under the impression it was to draw attention to cleanup efforts in Mayflower. Pryor’s campaign last week posted the video, which features interviews with Mayor Randy Holland and other community leaders criticizing Cotton over his past votes against disaster aid and accusing him of being absent from Mayflower and Vilonia in the tornado’s aftermath. The April 27 storms that hit Arkansas are blamed for 16 deaths and caused millions of dollars in damage.

“I didn’t think it was going to be a political ad,” Boydston said.

Pryor has proven he’ll say and do anything to keep his seat in Washington, including lie to a tornado victim in order to score cheap political points.