Which Democrat Claimed She Didn’t Know She Fundraised With A Convicted Felon


A former Black Panther leader and ex-felon just hosted a Capitol Hill fundraiser for Michelle Nunn. Yeah, you read that right. The National Review has the scoop on Nunn’s latest radical bank roller:

The suggested contribution amounts for entry to a Capitol Hill fundraiser held Tuesday evening for Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn rose to $2,600 a head. The special guest advertised on the invitation was former Democratic senator Sam Nunn, the candidate’s father, who represented Georgia in Washington for over two decades.

There was another guest, however, who probably turned more heads. Among the co-hosts of the of the event was Virtual Murrell, an early leader of the Black Panther Party during its militant phase and later a political consultant who, in the mid 1990s, spent time in jail for using his perch in city government to extort local businesses.

Nunn’s campaign claimed that they were “unaware of Mr. Murrell’s criminal history and disagrees with his comments.”

Wow, apparently Nunn doesn’t know how do a basic Google search.