Dem On Dem Crime In Minnesota House Race

Rick Nolan would prefer to not have to raise money.

“I didn’t take this job to be an entry level telemarketer dialing for dollars,” Nolan told the Brainerd Dispatch yesterday. This opposition to raising money is Nolan’s longstanding position. Last year, for example, he called money in politics “toxic.”

Unfortunately, national Democrats are taking issue with Nolan’s “I don’t want to work” approach to fundraising. Earlier this month, Roll Call noted that anonymous Democrats are getting nervous:

“The race is in play because Rick is a very old school politician and doesn’t believe in a lot of the things that members of Congress have to do in tight districts,” said one senior Democratic strategist in the state. “There are some very frustrated people here.”

Piling on, fellow Minnesota Democrat Tim Walz labeled Nolan’s fundraising approach as “complacency” and noted that while his fundraising frustration might be considered noble by some, “it’s the air we breathe now.”