Dem Congressman Produces Most Extravagant Wedding Video of All Time

It’s wedding season! For most folks, that means seeing old friends and celebrating the exciting future of two newlyweds.

But apparently for “the other half,” like Congressman Sean “Everyman” Maloney, it means elaborate fireworks displays and drones to film the day’s events in idyllic Cold Spring, New York! Drones! Maloney even brags about it on Twitter:

As Business Insider notes, that might not have been the wisest move.

At a time when some elected officials avoid lavish displays of wealth, Maloney and Florke were not shy about having an ostentatious wedding bash.

The wedding video, shot by Propellerheads Aerial Photography, begins by panning around a massive upstate New York home to a large in-ground swimming pool, nestled in the quiet Hudson River valley. The Temper Trap lays the soundtrack with “Sweet Disposition.” It’s basically a much happier version of The Shining’s opening credits.