Did You Consider Firing The Candidate?

2014officespace15 In apparent admission of his campaign’s struggles, Bruce Braley’s campaign has taken some dramatic stepsduring the last month. The changes included firing Obama ad-maker Larry Grisolano and pollster Diane Feldman, Politico reported yesterday, in an attempt to redirect Braley’s floundering campaign. But as Maggie Haberman puts it, the issue isn’t the campaign–it’s the candidate:

“The main source of concern about Braley’s performance has tended to be the candidate himself. Still, the race between Braley, a Democratic congressman whose time on the trail has been marked by unforced errors, and Ernst, a military veteran who had support from establishment and tea party factions in her primary, has become razor-close in the past few weeks.”

All the pollsters and ad-makers in the world aren’t going to make up for dissing farmers, suing neighbors, and skipping hearings. Did you consider  firing the candidate?