Hillary Facing Widespread Criticism for Gratuitous Speaking Fees at Colleges

Students across the country are facing skyrocketing tuition. The student loan debt burden is increasing at an alarming rate. But this cash crunch facing students hasn’t stopped Hillary Clinton from cashing in at their universities.

The Washington Post has a detailed story on Hillary Clinton earning six-figure speaking fees at colleges – many raising tuition rates.  This comes on the heels of Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston interviewing UNLV students complaining about her “outrageous” speaking fee there.

With MSNBC running headlines like “College Students Blast Hillary For Six-Figure Speaking Fee” and everyone from Politico to local Buffalo’s WGRZ getting in on the action, Clinton is facing a nationwide backlash from college students and negative press all across the country.

Just some of the headlines Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees on the backs of cash-strapped students have earned:

The Washington Post: “At Time Of Austerity, 8 Universities Spent Top Dollar On Hillary Rodham Clinton Speeches

Politico: “Hillary Clinton’s Money Problem

WGRZ: “UB Won’t Release Info. On Fee for Clinton Speech

Breitbart: “Hillary Takes Six-Figure Speaking Fees From Universities Raising Student Tuition

The Washington Post: “Hillary Clinton’s Woes Continue

The Wall Street Journal: “Hillary Clinton Faces Heat Over Paid Speeches

Newsmax: “Hillary Still Drawing Fire Over Costly College Speech Fee