Clinton Promised Blackwater Crackdown, Gave Them Over $500 Million Instead

Hillary Rodham Clinton Signs And Discusses "Hard Choices"

Today The Huffington Post reported that the State Department gave Blackwater over $1 billion since a 2007 incident that involved Blackwater’s top official in Iraq making death threats against a U.S. government investigator reviewing the company. Blackwater has a controversial history which led then-Senator Hillary Clinton to vow to crackdown on the company. In 2008 Clinton cosponsored legislation to “ban the use of Blackwater and other private mercenary firms in Iraq.” Later in 2008 she also issued a press release that “blasted” the State Department, then under President Bush, for renewing its contract with Blackwater.

However, according to The Huffington Post, “ More than half a billion dollars was set aside for the firm [Blackwater] and its subsidiaries by the State Department under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

$500 mil + in taxpayer money is quite the “crackdown.” Just think how much government $$$ Clinton will give to the long list of special interests the Clinton’s are on the take from. Hard to imagine this is a person who would stand up to those special interests in the White House.