Clinton Laments: “We Couldn’t Even Get A Mortgage On A House”

She just can’t help herself. In an interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel, Hillary Clinton, who came under fire for saying her family was “dead broke” after leaving the White House and currently are unlike the “truly well off” because of their tax payments, lamented about how “we couldn’t even get a mortgage on a house by ourselves.”

SPIEGEL: Today, you are multimillionaires. Your husband has earned $104 million with his speeches since 2001.

Clinton: We are very grateful for where we are today. But if you were to go back and look at the amount of money that we owed, we couldn’t even get a mortgage on a house by ourselves. In our system he had to make double what he needed in order just to pay off the debt, and then to finance a house and continue to pay for our daughter’s education.

Clinton, who owns two multi-million dollar homes, received an $8 million book advance before Bill Clinton left office, has recently been criticized for receiving six-figure speaking fees from colleges and universities.