Braley Threatened To Sue Vacation Home Neighbor Over Her Therapeutic Chickens


Trial Lawyer Bruce Braley is that guy in your neighborhood association who threatens legal action over the most minor inconvenience. Last week Braley was caught on tape lying to an Iowa voter about being a farmerNow a new report from The Iowa Republican shows this “farmer” turned to his real profession – threatening lawsuits – when he was confronted with some loose chickens at his lakeside vacation home. The Braley instigated chicken drama began at a May 8 meeting of the Holiday Lake Owner’s Association that Braley’s wife attended to complain about a neighbor and her four therapeutic chickens. The dispute escalated, causing the association to incur nearly $1,700 in legal fees after Braley retained a lawyer and implied that he would bring legal action against the association if the chickens were not contained.

What could the Holiday Lake community have used that $1,692 for? According to The Iowa Republican, instead of footing the bill for Braley’s anti-chicken diatribe Holiday Lake could have put much-needed replacement tires on it’s community tractor. Or better yet, it could have gone into the pockets for Holiday Lake’s employees:

“Two employees received raises from $8 to $9-an-hour. Braley’s legal fees could have put an extra $70.50 in those employees’ pockets each month over the next year.”

So much for being an advocate for the middle class.

As for the Braley’s neighbor, Democrat Pauline M. Hampton, she says she tried to resolve the dispute “Iowa nice” -style but the Braley’s turned up their noses:

“I only found out about the complaint being filed when I went over and offered [the Braleys] a dozen fresh, organic eggs from the chickens,” Hampton said. “[Carolyn Braley] refused to take them, stating she had filed a complaint against me. I offer all of my eggs to my neighbors, they are the only ones who have refused.”

What a guy.