Alabama Democrat Compares His Home State To Islamic Religious War

Parker Griffith is a Democrat running for governor of Alabama.

Q: “I just have a question, about whether your change from a Democrat to a Republican and back again how that affected the people in your area of Huntsville. How much support do you have from those that are active …”

Parker Griffith: “It’s still difficult. Religion and politics are one in the same. Alabama reminds me of the Shiites and the Sunnis. Uh, so, uh, I’ve got people, I’ve got people that I see now that are very, very disappointed that I changed parties. And, but most of them are not because they’ve seen the parties change more than I changed. They didn’t see me change, they saw me change to another party, but they didn’t see me change.”

Q: “Are you seeing a greater effort to back you in your area now that you’ve … have people come together?”

Griffith: “Yes, it’s really amazing.”