Alabama Dem “Stuck In The Butt With A Knife”

Parker_Griffith FIFY

Earlier today, Democrat candidate for Alabama Governor, Parker Griffith, tweeted about his “vision for Alabama,” which explained nothing about his vision for Alabama.

So we fixed it for him, using a memorable quote that better represents him – the same guy who compared Alabama to an Islamic religious war. Here he’s talking about how he got stuck running for governor, explaining that he was basically the last guy left.

See the video of what he said and his full quote below:

“You’ll like this, How did I get here why am I the guy they shoved down to the end of the diving board, ok stuck him in the butt with a knife, ok. Jim Folsom backed out, Sue Bell Cobb no mas, too hard. Billy Beasley decided 24 hours before February the seventh no mas.”