What You Won’t Read In Hillary’s Book On Benghazi: “I Got it Wrong. Plain and Simple.”

An excerpt from Hillary Clinton’s new memoir Hard Choices includes this line on her Iraq War vote: “I still got it wrong. Plain and simple.” That was an assertion Clinton struggled to make in her 2008 campaign and it cost her against Barack Obama.

On Benghazi she is offering similar reluctance.

Instead of taking responsibility for her mistakes on Benghazi,Clinton points fingers. The bipartisan report delivered by the Senate Homeland Security Committee singled out the State Department for blame. This committee and others have cited rising attacks on Western targets, including several on the Benghazi facility itself and security warnings from multiple U.S. intelligence agencies and our own ambassador as evidence the Clinton State Department should have taken action. Yet Clinton is unwilling to make a simple statement like she did on the now politically safer Iraq issue: “I got it wrong. Plain and simple.”