Mark Udall Finally Says That He Will Vote Against The Keystone Pipeline

After continuing to dodge and not give a definitive answer as to whether or not he would support the Keystone Pipeline, Mark Udall finally said what most people knew all along: he will vote against authorizing the pipeline next week.

“Udall, a Democrat facing a very difficult reelection battle this fall, is under intense pressure to take a clearer position on Keystone.

And he’s about to have a chance to do so when the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee votes on legislation to approve the pipeline next week.

But Udall won’t be voting yes, or changing his previously stated position much at all.”

This shouldn’t be a surprise since Udall is beholden to liberal interest groups at the expense of jobs and energy security. With Udall opposing the Keystone Pipeline, one would not be at fault to assume that he will continue his anti-energy and anti-jobs ways by opposing fracking in Colorado. After all, this is the same person who cheered for Obama’s onerous EPA regulations.

At least Coloradans know now that Udall is an unapologetic liberal that votes with Obama 99 percent of the time and doesn’t care about jobs or energy security.