Super Liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren Coming To West Virginia To Help Her Friend Natalie Tennant

It is being reported that on July 14 Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts will come to West Virginia to help out her friend and fellow liberal Natalie Tennant:

“U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren will campaign for Natalie Tennant in West Virginia next month in a push to keep a Democratic Senate seat.

Warren will accompany Tennant in the Eastern Panhandle on July 14 as she unveils an education agenda.”

Warren is the liberal Senator from Massachusetts who supports gun control and ObamaCare among other liberal causes. Natalie Tennant is always telling the voters of West Virginia that she is an independent thinker who would put West Virginia values first, but why would she campaign with someone if she truly disagreed with almost everything they stand for? Elizabeth Warren does not support West Virginia values, and the fact that Tennant will be campaigning with her shows voters where Tennant’s heart truly is on the issues.