O’Malley: You’re Number 49 (In Economic Growth!)

According to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis yesterday, Maryland’s economy did not grow in 2013 (Read: ZERO growth!). Even though U.S. economic growth slowed as a whole, Martin O’Malley’s state ranked 49th in the country.

Even fellow Maryland Democrats have gotten fed up with O’Malley’s economic policies. Doug Gansler, Maryland’s current Attorney General and a 2014 Gubernatorial candidate, released a new policy proposal today that would give Marylanders a $1,200 tax break. In a harshly worded statement, Gansler said “the current administration’s relentless parade of tax increases” passed by Martin O’Malley are squeezing the middle class.

GOP Gubernatorial candidates have also been taking aim at O’Malley’s 80 tax increases. Check out “The Rain Tax Song” by Del. Ron George: