NM Dem Demands Equal Pay For Women, Denied It 4 Years Ago

Remember Democrat Gary King? He’s the one who was dubbed as New Mexico’s ” worst Attorney General” and who is the Democrats’ nominee for governor.

Well, King released his second ad, which states he would “demand women are paid the same as men when doing the same work.” As it turns out, King’s memory must be as short as his list of accomplishments as Attorney General.

In 2010, three female attorneys in King’s Attorney General office sued King in federal court and alleged that they were paid less than “similarly situated male lawyers.” To make matters worse, King denied there was pay inequity and said the three females were “attorneys of average capabilities” that were envious of the pay of other attorneys. In 2012, King settled with two of the female attorneys, who would share a $31,500 award. Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

In addition, the demand that King’s ad makes has already been addressed. In 2013, Governor Susana Martinez signed the Fair Pay For Women Act, which “would prohibit large-scale employers from wage discrimination on the basis of gender.”

Perhaps, King should focus on his failed record instead of releasing false, hypocritical attacks.