Natalie Tennant Attends DC Fundraiser Hosted By A Bunch Of Lobbyists

In the past Natalie Tennant has decried the influence of lobbyists in DC. On her website right now, it actually says “Lobbyists and special interest insiders have too much power in Washington.” Tennant even had this to say about lobbyists:

“In Washington, corrupt officials get a slap on the hand and sometimes lobbyists pay for dinners and trips in order to convince lawmakers to vote their way. It’s the Washington way and it’s the wrong way.”

It might come as a surprise then, that Tennant was raising money yesterday … with lobbyists … In D.C.

Tennant Fundraiser


Given her recent comments regarding the administrations coal-crushing regulations (recent, because they seem to have changed over the last year), it might also come as a surprise to West Virginia voters that one of the lobbyist hosts was Jonathon Jones.

Jonathon Jones just so happens to lobby for the Environmental Defense Fund, an environmental group that celebrated the new EPA regulations, defended EPA regulations in court, and supports cap-and-trade.

Tennant must think West Virginia voters are fools if she thinks they won’t notice her hypocritical double talk on coal.