Michelle Nunn Doesn’t Know How EPA Regulations Will Affect Georgia

Michelle Nunn supports reducing carbon emissions, even calls it “vital,” but she’s just not sure how Obama’s new EPA regulations will impact Georgia. Here’s how the Associated Press reported Nunn’s current thought process:

Democrat Michelle Nunn is affirming her support for reducing carbon emissions but says she has questions about the Obama administration’s plans to reduce them and how that would affect Georgia.

To clear things up, here are the facts for Nunn and anyone else unsure about the devastating effects these EPA regulations will have on Georgia:

The Wall Street Journal has already declared Georgia’s largest power provider, Atlanta’s Southern Co. (and parent company of Georgia Power), a “loser” as a result of these regulations. Last year, Georgia Power announced its plans to retire 15 power units due to the high cost of meeting such strict EPA regulations.

Based on her public statements, it stands to reason that Michelle Nunn either doesn’t realize how many Georgia families will be affected by lost jobs and higher energy prices, or she simply does not care because cutting carbon emission is a higher priority.